Chef Tim Mulderink, thank you for our wonderful Valentines Dinner. We both loved it and your extra special touches were incredible. Please, please tell me what the dressing was for the salad. It tasted like it might have been something parmesan and was fantastic. Looking forward to trying the rest of my order later in the week. I made Beef Stew for our big snow non-event that we will be enjoying today. :) Thanks to whomever makes your deliveries as well. It was perfectly packed in the cooler I left on the porch until we got home. I'm a fan for sure, you all are great!

Chef Tim - Mom asked me to be sure and email you a big THANK YOU for her Valentine dinner.  She really, really enjoyed it.  She said everything was delicious.  She also mentioned there was a plate with a candle - should she return the plate?

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